Nail Your Look with A Regular T-Shirt For Men

by TopSearch Marketing on Oct 03, 2023

Regular T-Shirt For Men

T-shirts are an essential element in every man’s wardrobe. These are collarless and short-sleeved and a perfect casual wear option. T-shirts are informal. These however blend in well on most occasions. 

When and how should t-shirts be worn?

  • T-shirts are great be it any occasion. However, you should be aware of when to wear them. T-shirts are perfect for any casual event. Just make sure that you wear a clean shirt in solid colours with a pair of smart jeans and boots.
  • You may not have the best physique but t-shirts will surely go well on your body type. You need to pick up the right size that does not make you feel under confident. Like for example if you are large or slightly bulky then you need to avoid t-shirts that focus on the midsection. Do not opt for any tight-fitted T-shirts in this case. If you are a skinny person then the t-shirt will show the torso and arms well. A T-shirt makes you look good no matter your body type. Just make sure that you choose one that fits you well.
  • The fit or the measurement of the t-shirt is crucial. The regular T-shirt should conform to the shape of your body. It should not restrict your body movement and should not cause discomfort. This is something that you need to pay utmost attention to. Clothes that do not fit well should never be worn. Ill-fitting clothes will hide your masculine figure.
  • You must spend time deciding on the T-shirt that matches your body. For this make sure that the t-shirt does not feel tight around the waist and chest. The shoulder seam should line with the shoulder ends. It should not be low on the shoulder. It should not be close to the neck. The sleeve should not cover more than one-third of the bicep. Otherwise, these are long and should be avoided. The sleeve should hug around the bicep. If the sleeves are loose or tight then these are a misfit. The T-shirt should drape over the chest. It should also create an outline of the torso. The size of the T-shirt is also important. It should go below the beltline. You can check this to see if the t-shirt covers the waistband
  • Round neck or V-neck is another option when buying t-shirts. V-neck t-shirts are great for men who have a fit physique. Round-neck t-shirts however go well with most body frames. The design is perfect if you have a thin frame. As it does not show a lot of your neck it is fine for those with a bulkier body. Round necks will encircle the wearer's neck base. These are then finished with a ribbed or a binding knot. The finish adds stability and enhances the look. The round neck gives the T-shirt a symmetrical appearance. It is also a great pick if you wish to wear accessories with your t-shirt.
  • The fabric of the t-shirt is a major deciding factor. You should ensure that the material of the T-shirt is top-notch. You need to wear a T-shirt for long. Thus, a comfortable fabric should be your first choice. Cotton t-shirts are a no-brainer. These work the best in all seasons.
  • You can buy T-shirts in solid colours or printed designs. You have black, white, pink, grey, blue and a range of solid-coloured T-shirts to choose from. There are various tones to complement your personality and your complexion. Printed t-shirts are also an option. These are more casual in look. However, the print design does catch attention and makes the wearer look chic. 

Now that you are clear on the points to look at when buying t-shirts make sure that the t-shirt is compatible with your collection. You can mix and match your t-shirt with your jeans, pants, jackets and sneakers to create a new look each time. 

Dress up well in your T-shirt

You have decided to purchase some T-shirts. How about you read through the ways to style them?

  • It is always advised to wear a vest under your t-shirt. This does not let the t-shirt form puffs in areas.
  • Style your T-shirt with a sports jacket. The jacket helps in accentuating the look and gives you a sporty feel
  • The right-coloured denim makes your t-shirt stand out. Usually, jeans with a dark hue are your best pick.
  • If it is the summer months then pair your T-shirt with shorts and sunglasses. 

Printed or solid short which should you choose?

Solid t-shirts are timeless. These will never go out of trend. Printed tshirts on the other hand are trendy and help you create a style quotient. Both of them thus have their purpose to serve. Solid t-shirts make an easy appearance in semi-formal events. Printed t-shirts are bold and are worn in casual events giving a laid-back appeal. In short, your wardrobe needs a mix of both solid and printed t-shirts. 

Caring for your printed t-shirts

While it is easy to care for your solid t-shirts, printed t-shirts may need a little extra bit of care.

  • The fabric's durability is important. You thus need T-shirts that are made with the best materials to last you long.
  • The stitching of the shirt should not be flimsy. The seams should be stitched well. Thus, make sure to buy your printed t-shirts from reputed brands like Fesaclub only
  • The colour of your printed T-shirt should be fast. It should not start to fade after a few washes. If there is an image on the t-shirt then it should be sharp and should be printed using high-quality materials
  • You also need to take care to wash and iron your printed shirts carefully. Read the instructions and follow the right ironing and washing procedures 


At Fesaclub you can find various kinds of t-shirts in different necklines. You can also pick from solid colours and printed T-shirts. Regular t-shirts are a staple attire. Teamed with the right pair of shoes and pants these help to create a fashionable look.